Interested in learning the proper techniques for making beautiful, balanced bouquets? The Introduction to Bouquet Design course is suitable for everyone who enjoys flowers and is interested in floral and natural design. No prior experience is needed, our teachers will show you all the basic technical skills you’ll need to get started.


Learn the basics

Whether you’re an experienced designer or a complete beginner, we promise you’ll walk away with a solid foundation in the basic design elements such as combining textures and colors.

Quality & Care

Our teachers walk through where and what to look for when buying quality flowers, pinpointing exactly how to tell if what you’re buying will bloom their best. We also teach you secret tricks to keeping your bouquets fresher for longer.

Develop your own style

Our courses are designed to encourage mindfulness and creativity. Our teachers give each student individual attention and encourage your own personal style to shine.
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We invite students to learn from Floral Designer and teacher Paul Wijkmeijer. Paul’s love affair with flowers started when he was three years old and like a heartbeat, it has continued ever since. He has been running his own flower shop in Haarlem for more than 22 years and is known for his unique natural designs. His latest project: a cover shoot for Elle Decoration.


Course Instruction begins

Get to know your instructor, the flowers you'll be working with, and your fellow students.


The instructor will hold a discussion on the proper composition and arrangement techniques as well as other tricks of the trade such as flower selection and care.

Design Session

Put your new skills to the test in creating your own bouquet arrangement.


Wrap up the course with a final discussion and feedback session with the instructor.


After this 2,5 hours masterclass, you'll walk away with a head full of new information, a happy heart, and an armful of flowers.

“I’m not religious (to my moms big disappointment) but when I took my first flower course at AFS it was a hallelujah moment. - Student Linus

Fees & Dates

Feb 21Amsterdam Thursday
14:00 h - 17:30 h