Are you a creative or a designer looking for a way to connect with nature and discover your own signature style in natural design? Then you’ve come to the right place; Amsterdam Flower School.
We believe in helping people reconnect with themselves and with nature through the beauty of natural design.

Agency X School

We are a passionate, creative design agency and school that works with the world’s foremost floral designers. Since 2017, our school has been developing masterclasses connecting eager students with the pros; selling out classes from the get-go. At AFS Agency, we help businesses create memorable flower and natural design solutions with help of the best flower designers in the field. We are proud to say that AFS is the global go-to agency for high-end floral design.


What we care about

At AFS we believe in helping you grow, whether as an artist or a business, and caring for the earth while doing so. We broaden the minds of our clients and students by showing them how to translate their brand story or personal story into stunning designs. At the same time, we also pride ourselves in being a positive role model for sustainability and being an eco-friendly voice for change in the floral industry. With initiatives such as 6am Flowers, we hope to become global educators for responsible consumption.

It is our mission is to empower people to be professional artists, visionary thinkers and environmentally conscious global citizens.

Our founder

“I’ve been a flower lover all my life: flowers and nature always know when and how to ground me. I wanted to learn more about flowers and design and discovered that there was no high-end design course to be found in Amsterdam. So, I gathered up some of the best Dutch designers and decided to start AFS. There’s no better feeling when we reach the end of a class or a project, and I see the look on everyone’s faces, that feeling of happiness, knowing we’ve helped them bloom.”

Sukha-Sofie van der Linden